Paul Yoon (Chiropodist)

profile photo of paul yoon, chiropodist at wilson health and wellness clinic

Paul Yoon, Registered Chiropodist,
Wilson Health and Wellness Clinic

Paul Yoon, B.P.H.E., D.Pod.M., is a chiropodist who graduated from the Michener Institute. Prior to this, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors in Physical Health and Education. He is registered with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario and regularly partakes in various conferences held by the Ontario Society of Chiropodists and the American Podiatric Medical Association to further enhance his knowledge and skills.

Paul Yoon has worked in many different clinical settings including hospitals, private clinics, and community health care centers. This has allowed him to gain valuable experience and extensive knowledge. He has lots of experience with complicated foot cases that often have complex underlying factors and chronic diseases such as diabetes and geriatrics. Paul specializes in biomechanics, ingrown toenails, nail disorders, corns, calluses, warts and wound care such as ulcers.

In his spare time Paul enjoys competing in a variety of sports. Throughout the week and weekend you can find him out on the softball or baseball diamond where he plays for a number of different teams, both at a recreational and competitive level. Every September when he is not seeing patients, he plays in provincial tournaments with different teams in various divisions where over 130 teams participate. He also likes to golf and tries to squeeze in a quick 18 whenever he can.

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