Corporate Wellness

Wilson Health and Wellness Programs

At Wilson Health and Wellness, we are committed to providing the best health care to all of our patients. However, to those in the community whom we have not had the  pleasure of meeting and treating yet, we wish to still provide health care by means of health and wellness awareness.

We offer two different programs:

Corporate wellness program (for businesses and companies).

Community wellness program (for local organizations and events).

These programs include interactive and informative sessions as well as onsite massages from our registered massage therapists. We offer to impart knowledge and tips on a large variety of health topics and each program is custom tailored to the needs of the event. All the programs are led by our team of qualified health care specialists.

The community wellness program is our way to thank and reach out to the community of Downsview for welcoming us to be part of the neighborhood. This program is free for qualifying events and organizations, please contact us to apply!


We have had the pleasure of working with the following entities:

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