Are the health services or medical devices fully covered by my private insurance?


Each insurance company has different allowances and coverage amounts. We can direct bill for most private/extended health insurance plans.


Do I need to have a family doctors referral to see our specialists?


Consultations do NOT required family doctor’s referrals, however some extended insurance plans require a note from your doctor to claim for these. Bring your insurance card with you when you come to our clinic the first time, and we can find out for you!


I dont have private insurance, are the health services covered by OHIP?


Consultations are NOT covered by OHIP, unless you are seeing our Optometrist and are eligible under OHIP guidelines.

What about ODSP, WSIB (workplace accident), MVA (motor vehicle accident)?


Yes, we accept all of the above.

What health services are offered at Wilson Health and Wellness Clinic?


Physiotherapy, Chiropody (foot specialists), Chiropractic, Massage therapy (RMT), Naturopathic Medicine, Optometry, Acupuncture, with more to come!  


What can I expect during the 1st appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes early

Please bring with you:

  1. Medical test reports or documentations that you may feel important to understanding your case more.
  2. Your extended health care benefits card for direct billing (if applicable), and finding out coverage amounts.
  3. Change of clothes (shorts) if you are seeing our physiotherapist

If the visit is related to MVA (motor vehicle accident) or WSIB (work injury) or ODSP then please provide your case manager’s name, contact information, claim number, and extended health care card.


About Us

At Wilson Health and Wellness Clinic, we believe the most important commodity in life is time. We have all your health care practitioners in one clinic. No more driving to 10 different clinics and explaining your concerns to 10 different times! Our vision is to give our patients the best of care all in one place! We are more than just another North York physio clinic. We are the one and only local wellness hub you will need. Just leave all of your health concerns to us! Our large team of health practitioners takes a collaborative approach to your health, and this will ensure we create the best treatment plan and seamless transition of care between practitioners to get you back to optimal health faster!

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