Gwen Tingson (RMT)

profile of gwen tingson, massage therapist at wilson health and wellness clinic

Gwen Tingson, Registered Massage Therapist,
Wilson Health and Wellness Clinic

Gwen graduated from Bryan College School of Massage Therapy in Toronto. Since then, she works in various clinical settings building her full time practice addressing each of her clients needs and goals with specific and effective massage therapy treatment. Over the years, she gained knowledge assessing and treating muscles, joints and stress-related conditions. Her treatment is combination of relieving pain and improve body’s function such as treating specific chronic conditions that causes everyday discomfort. Her techniques can vary from therapeutic to deep, and focused treatment. She can also include modalities in her treatment such as Paraffin Wax Bath and Hot Stone Therapy to further improve the blood circulation and alleviate any muscle issues.

Gwen Tingson began her journey as a massage therapist while taking her Art Diploma in Seneca College. With her fascination in the anatomical aspect of human skeletal muscle and its bio mechanics, she realized that she can do more. In her free time, Gwen enjoys the outdoors and love to hike outside the city.

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